Minimal Requirements

You need to provide proof of Loudoun County residency to become a client at LHR. A picture ID with your address is required, or if you are new to the county, a bill that is 3 months old with your address on it will be accepted along with your picture ID.

You will need to complete an application.

LHR does not share any information regarding our clients with anyone.

How We Help

LHR is a food pantry that provides emergency food supplies. During your visit, we supply enough food to prepare three nutritionally-balanced meals for three days for any size family. If necessary, you may receive this service two times a month.

Every time you come to LHR, you will complete a Wish List that will tell us about any dietary needs, the size of your family, and any nonfood items you might want. We fulfill as many extras as we can. We can help you determine if you qualify to receive USDA assistance. If you qualify, we will prepare your order to include USDA food. You can receive USDA food assistance once a month.

For your information: We receive the food we distribute as donations from individuals and corporations, in good faith. Click here to see the law that helps make it possible for people to donate and for us to accept the donations. 

More Help

If your situation is more extreme, please let a staff member know, and you could qualify for more assistance.

You will work closely with our Client Relations Manager, who will help you with your unique situation. If you or someone you know is terminally ill, mentally ill, or a low-income senior citizen, LHR’s Long Term Care provides a three day supply of food for life. Please contact LHR for more information on this program.