Our primary service provides enough food for three meals a day for three days for each family member. Families can access this service twice a month.

Our only requirements are that food recipients be Loudoun County residents and be able to show a photo identification and proof of residency. We also ask that people tell us their income level.

We partner with the Backpack Coalition and Loudoun County Public Schools to provide food to children on weekends during the school year.

We provide the Backpack Program with free warehouse space in which to operate their program.

In partnership with our non-profit partner Five Stones Institute, and Loudoun Veg, we offer stress reduction, yoga for relaxation, and mindfulness classes.

Not having enough to get by is hugely stressful. The stress compounds health issues and makes it harder for people to do well. These classes are designed to help.

As Loudoun’s largest pantry, we regularly provide food supplies and support to three other smaller pantries in Loudoun, the Loudoun Emergency Homeless Shelter, the Loudoun Country Drop-In Shelter, the Transitional Housing Program, and the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter. We also provide emergency food and baby supply packs to the Town of Leesburg Police Department and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department, who are often first on the scene in a crisis.

We provide both “on demand” resources, and supplies in advance of anticipated weather events.

The Produce Hub at LHR is an innovative program. LHR gathers Loudoun grown produce from two donation only farms (JK Community Farm and the Community Farm at Roundabout Meadows) as well as produce left after farmers markets and produce from grocery stores. Then, we make that produce available to other direct service organizations in our area as well as distribute it directly to our clients.

In partnership with Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers, LHR provides grocery deliveries to more than 100 homebound seniors and disabled persons in Loudoun twice each month.

Homebound persons can provide a wish list of foods they prefer. We also carefully tailor the grocery orders to accommodate dietary needs due to chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

We work with our partners at the Virginia Extension Office, Master Food Volunteers program and our fabulous Loudoun County Public Library system to present cooking and nutrition classes “on the road”. We also provide some classes at the pantry.

The classes range from information on how to shop on a budget to hands on lessons in knife skills and food preparation.

When a family moves out of the homeless shelter, we stock their pantry for them and provide 12 weeks of intensive food support.

We’ve all moved and had sticker shock at the grocery store when restocking basics. This program helps families get on their feet while they begin a new chapter in stable housing.

We distribute pet food for families with cats and dogs in partnership with the Humane Society of Loudoun County, and Loudoun County Animal Services, helping people feed their pets while they move through a financial crisis.

The program helps families avoid the trauma of a pet surrender during a temporary crisis.

Our non-profit partner Crossroads Jobs holds its job training program twice a month at LHR.

LHR provides the space; Crossroads Jobs provides the classes.

Those experiencing homelessness can receive food tailored to their ability to store and cook it, and can come to the pantry to pick up food every day Monday through Saturday if they choose.

A step beyond emergency food assistance, the extended care program provides support for those in the most dire situations. Generally, this program is accessed through a caseworker.

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