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Freshly Rescued: Food gleaning at the local Farmer’s Market

At Loudoun Hunger Relief, we rescue good food that would otherwise be wasted. Our local grocery stores send us the items that they won’t sell before expiration date. Local farmers bring us their excess production (cue the summer squash). And on the weekends, volunteers go out from Loudoun Hunger Relief to visit the area’s farmers markets just before closing. Continue reading “Freshly Rescued: Food gleaning at the local Farmer’s Market”

LHR Partner Corner: JK Community Farm

The JK Community Farm believes that everyone has a right to healthy food. How are we improving access to fresh, affordable food?

The JK Community Farm was founded in May of 2018- with the help of JK Moving Services- to provide people in our region facing food insecurity with fresh, organic fruit, vegetables and protein. In 2019 the JK Community Farm will donate 113,000 lbs of locally grown, chemical-free food – 63,000 lbs of produce, and 50,000 lbs of natural beef, pork, and venison. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: JK Community Farm”

LHR Partner Corner: Humane Society of Loudoun County

The Humane Society of Loudoun County (HSLC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 animal welfare organization, founded in 1966 to help animals in and around Loudoun County. We are run solely by volunteers, who dedicate their time and share their passion for helping animals. As a foster-based organization we do not have a shelter or physical building. The cats and dogs in our adoption program are placed in volunteer foster homes or display condos at local Petvalu stores. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: Humane Society of Loudoun County”

LHR Partner Corner: Pointing Fingers in Loudoun’s Housing Crisis

For the last three years, the Loudoun Chamber has been advocating for more housing affordability in parallel with Loudoun’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan review process.  This has become challenging because for years, decades even, the term “workforce housing” is stigmatized as ADU programs and other government subsidized solutions for housing affordability.  This short-sighted language and under-funded programs have backed Loudoun’s residents and employees in a corner.  Progress is being made, but Loudoun still has a long way to go. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: Pointing Fingers in Loudoun’s Housing Crisis”