As the population of Loudoun County has increased, the number below the poverty line has also increased and so has the number of families and individuals we help. This About_LHR_perfect-applepast year, LHR directly served more than 8,000 individuals through 73,000 visits, and almost half are children. Last fiscal year, LHR distributed over 1.4 million pounds of food and served over 70 families per day.

LHR is a food pantry. We supply perishable and non-perishable food items directly to our clients. A food bank stores thousands of pounds of food, including food for USDA. Food banks supply food pantries with some free donated items and also sell food to pantries at a highly discounted price. LHR is a partner agency with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and a Feeding America partner as well.  Feeding America is the national network that includes more than 200 food banks and food rescue organizations throughout the country.

Ultimately, the goal of LHR is to provide support and assistance so that families can live in our community without a need for our services. We have had success in this goal, but new families and individuals are constantly challenged in their lives.

And, unfortunately, there are those who will always need LHR (for example, the elderly, sick and disabled). We continue our efforts to address the hunger problems of a growing community with rapidly growing needs.

LHR is proud to be recognized for stellar financial management, best-practice operations, and exemplary service to our mission. Here are just a few of our awards and memberships: