When considering donating or volunteering for an organization, knowing that your money and time are going to help serve those in need is critical. Below are various documents that show Loudoun Hunger Relief’s (formerly Loudoun Interfaith Relief) sound financial stewardship and commitment to service. We are committed to transparency.

LHR FY2019 Financial Audit

LHR FY2018 Financial Audit

LHR FY2017 Stategic Plan

LHR FY2017 Financial Audit

LHR FY2017 990

LHR 2016 Annual Report

LHR 2015(FY16) 990

LHR FY2016 Financial Audit

LIR FY2015 Financial Audit

LIR 2014 990

LIR FY2014 Financial Audit

LIR 2013 990