We welcome food drives of all sizes! Every bag counts!

Food drives are an excellent way for our young people to get involved in their community. Schools, scouts, church groups – any youth organization is encouraged to hold a food drive. We can help you get organized!

“Engaging with the community and working towards a shared goal of feeding the hungry in Loudoun County helps make LHR Food Drives fulfilling and critical as we care for those in need.”

– LHR Staff

Food Drive Form

1. Please fill out the Food Drive Information Form

2. The form will send your information automatically to our team to review. Questions?

Email Elizabeth at emilkie@loudounhunger.org or call 703-777-5911.

Thank you for conducting a food drive! We gladly accept all you are able to donate, but please take a look at the printable PDF of our most needed items.

***If you are looking for non-food related drive idea, please check out the Kitchen Kit Flyer.***


Thanksgiving Dinner Bags (Updated Program for 2022!)

**We have concluded our Thanksgiving Bag program for 2022. Thank you to all who have donated bags for our community!**

1. Please fill out the Thanksgiving Dinner Information Form

2. Donate a $20-$25 Grocery Store Gift Cards (these can be dropped off at the pantry)

3. Donate money to help us purchase food to provide Thanksgiving and other foods to give out.

4. Provide a predetermined number of Thanksgiving Dinner Bags to LHR.

Hosting a Food Drive Planner