LHR Partner Corner: Loudoun Free Clinic

Last winter, Karen was having problems swallowing.  By April, having lost 40 pounds and no longer able to swallow, she walked into an emergency room. The diagnosis – cancer.  A malignant tumor was pressing on her esophagus.  She was hospitalized and a surgeon inserted a stent to open her esophagus.  She was discharged by hospital and was told she needed follow-up care and a treatment plan for her cancer. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: Loudoun Free Clinic”

LHR Partner Corner: Crossroads Jobs

When we work, everyone wins.

Crossroads Jobs provides free job placement assistance to unemployed and underemployed individuals in and around Loudoun County.  The more than 350 placements so far include individuals whose stories reflect the diversity and needs of Loudoun County: victims of domestic abuse, the homeless, returning citizens, individuals with disabilities, the young, the older and everyone in between.  We believe everyone has something to offer and many simply need a coach and cheerleader to put together a plan aimed toward success. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: Crossroads Jobs”

LHR Partner Corner: Rachel Roberts, “Flower Lady”

Rachel Roberts receives inaugural Shining Star Award from LHR President Carol Barbe and LHR Executive Director Jennifer Montgomery

Rachel Roberts, our Flower Lady, graciously agreed to do a little more volunteer work and write our first LHR Partner Corner post for us. Thank you Rachel!

When Trish asked me to write the first blog for Loudoun Hunger Relief, I didn’t know whether to feel honored or challenged. As a result, it’s a little of both!

Loudoun Hunger Relief (LHR) means so much to me. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: Rachel Roberts, “Flower Lady””