Masked People Providing Groceries

Here we are, with everyone else, 12 weeks into this new reality. We’re doing our best to supply food to those who need it in Loudoun County. For us, this has meant expanding services, adding locations, fitting more appointments into each day, and radically changing the way we work.

The masks are essential equipment. (Shout out to everyone who provided home made masks for us early on, and to the United Way of the National Capital Area for the box of masks they sent today). Continue reading “Masked People Providing Groceries”

2020 Foresight! Microsoft in action at Loudoun Hunger Relief, #Neighbors@LHR

What a start to 2020! The play on words is a little tired by mid-January, but we’ll go with it anyway.  A corporation with a vision for thriving communities has embraced Loudoun Hunger Relief’s vision for a community in which everyone has access to adequate, nutritious food. We see only good things to come. Continue reading “2020 Foresight! Microsoft in action at Loudoun Hunger Relief, #Neighbors@LHR”

The Big Green Produce Machine

Last summer, Loudoun Hunger had a dream. We had expanded our produce program to accept more and more from our grocery store partners, our farmer’s markets, and our farm partners. We had such healthy abundance! We were able to supply fresh produce directly to the families we serve in the pantry, PLUS we were networking with partners in the Loudoun Food Providers Network and other partner direct service agencies to get produce in the hands of families in Loudoun who don’t or can’t come to the pantry.The program was great, but needed to be better. We had a dream of an expanded partner distribution program that could reach even more people in need. We needed WAY more temperature controlled produce storage space, and we needed bins and containers specifically designed to transport various types of produce, particularly delicate tomatoes. Continue reading “The Big Green Produce Machine”

LHR Partner Corner: Loudoun County Elections and Voter Registration

Fun Fact: Guess who has offices right next door to the pantry? That’s right! The Loudoun County Elections and Voter Registration Office. We asked our next door neighbor to give us the scoop on elections in Loudoun, and they were kind enough to contribute this guest blog post. If you aren’t registered for the Nov. election, get that done by Oct. 15!

The Loudoun County Office of Elections works year-round to ensure that citizens of our beautiful county have a safe and pleasurable voting experience with the utmost integrity, transparent reporting and accuracy.
Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: Loudoun County Elections and Voter Registration”

LHR Partner Corner: The Community Farm at Roundabout Meadows

The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been active in Virginia since 1972. With a mission focused on “Promoting and protecting the natural resources, rural economy, history and beauty of the Virginia Piedmont,” it is easy to see how agriculture plays an important role in the organization. In 2013, PEC was gifted 141 acres at the crossroads of Routes 15 and 50, which at one point had been threatened by a large residential and commercial development proposal. The property became known as Roundabout Meadows.

The Roundabout Meadows property in 2017 before PEC broke ground on the Community Farm.

Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: The Community Farm at Roundabout Meadows”

LHR Partner Corner: JK Community Farm

The JK Community Farm believes that everyone has a right to healthy food. How are we improving access to fresh, affordable food?

The JK Community Farm was founded in May of 2018- with the help of JK Moving Services- to provide people in our region facing food insecurity with fresh, organic fruit, vegetables and protein. In 2019 the JK Community Farm will donate 113,000 lbs of locally grown, chemical-free food – 63,000 lbs of produce, and 50,000 lbs of natural beef, pork, and venison. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: JK Community Farm”

LHR Partner Corner: Pointing Fingers in Loudoun’s Housing Crisis

For the last three years, the Loudoun Chamber has been advocating for more housing affordability in parallel with Loudoun’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan review process.  This has become challenging because for years, decades even, the term “workforce housing” is stigmatized as ADU programs and other government subsidized solutions for housing affordability.  This short-sighted language and under-funded programs have backed Loudoun’s residents and employees in a corner.  Progress is being made, but Loudoun still has a long way to go. Continue reading “LHR Partner Corner: Pointing Fingers in Loudoun’s Housing Crisis”