We’re Rolling! Ribbon Cutting for Mobile Market Tomorrow, 10/30/19 at 4pm

Major Funders:
The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Dulles Greenway Drive for Charity
Funded in part by Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant funds administered by the Loudoun County Department of Family Services.
Sterling Women Giving Circle
Individual, Family and Corporate Donors from our generous community–Donors like you!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Here’s how to get in the spirit

Wait, What????? But it’s true. Thanksgiving is coming in a little over a month from now, and Loudoun Hunger is getting ready.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner Bag project is a wonderful way for small groups, families and individuals to provide food in a very personal way to a family in need. Follow this link for all the details on how to participate.

2019 Thanksgiving Flyer

The Big Green Produce Machine

Last summer, Loudoun Hunger had a dream. We had expanded our produce program to accept more and more from our grocery store partners, our farmer’s markets, and our farm partners. We had such healthy abundance! We were able to supply fresh produce directly to the families we serve in the pantry, PLUS we were networking with partners in the Loudoun Food Providers Network and other partner direct service agencies to get produce in the hands of families in Loudoun who don’t or can’t come to the pantry.The program was great, but needed to be better. We had a dream of an expanded partner distribution program that could reach even more people in need. We needed WAY more temperature controlled produce storage space, and we needed bins and containers specifically designed to transport various types of produce, particularly delicate tomatoes.

So we told the Dominion Foundation about our dream, and they saw the vision too. They funded the Produce Hub project and we were able to purchase a used freight container and convert it to a temperature controlled produce storage locker. We got the transport containers we needed too. Now our operation runs far more smoothly, and we are able to preserve the fresh produce appropriately until our partner distribution agencies can pick it up for use by their clients.

The Produce Hub has made an enormous difference to our partner agencies this summer. One of our favorite programs continues to be the CSA style produce bags we put together for diabetic patients of the Loudoun Free Clinic. The Free Clinic is thrilled to have 60-75 bags of produce each week, which they “prescribe” to their diabetic patients along with recipes for produce rich, low-glycemic dishes. This food, which comes to us from our farm and farmer’s market partners and is staged in our produce hub freight container (in the back parking lot if you haven’t seen it), is becoming a vital part of the Free Clinic’s diabetes management protocol. The hub is in operation for the length of the growing season, from about April to October.

Thanks to our produce donors, our distribution partners, and the Dominion Foundation!

LHR Partner Corner: Loudoun County Elections and Voter Registration

Fun Fact: Guess who has offices right next door to the pantry? That’s right! The Loudoun County Elections and Voter Registration Office. We asked our next door neighbor to give us the scoop on elections in Loudoun, and they were kind enough to contribute this guest blog post. If you aren’t registered for the Nov. election, get that done by Oct. 15!

The Loudoun County Office of Elections works year-round to ensure that citizens of our beautiful county have a safe and pleasurable voting experience with the utmost integrity, transparent reporting and accuracy.
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September is Hunger Action Month–What will you do to end hunger in our community?

The month of September is Hunger Action Month each year. Hunger Action Month was created to involve and motivate the community to join forces to have a greater impact in the fight against hunger.

Hunger Action Month is a Feeding America initiative. Nationwide, food banks and food pantries use awareness campaigns during the month of September to better help the people we serve. Everyone in the community is urged to join the team to fight hunger.

Here are a few concrete ways you can help.

  1. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or Twitter. We’re @LoudounHunger.
  2. Use social media to share hunger facts with your social following and tag us in the post. Watch our social media for posts you can share! #LoudounHunger or #NeighborsatLHR
  3. Bring in a food donation. We post our most needed items each Wednesday on Facebook and on this blog.
  4. Donate money: We can buy food at wholesale prices, and we can target purchases to exactly what is needed each week.
  5. Contact your local officials to advocate for hunger relief in our community.
  6. Wear orange on Hunger Action Day, September 12, 2019.

We invite you to be one of the #NeighborsatLHR–neighbors helping neighbors.