Loudoun Hunger Relief

(Formerly Loudoun Interfaith Relief)

If you live in Loudoun County and are struggling to make ends meet, we can help.

We provide fresh groceries for the whole family, plus we can help find further assistance to meet other needs through our network of partners. Often, we are the first place families seek help during times of need.

Receive Services


Food Donation Hours (no appointment needed to drop off)

CORONAVIRUS DONATION PROCEDURES: Please place your donation in the bin located in the rear parking lot, or for fragile items, on the table. For everyone’s safety, staff cannot help unload your vehicle. We’re not being rude and we are very grateful, but we must maintain proper social distance. If you cannot unload your own vehicle, please hold your donation for better days to come.

Monday-Thursday 9am to 4pm
Friday 9am to 3pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm

EFFECTIVE MONDAY March 23, 2020 Loudoun Hunger Relief is by appointment only for all service periods!
You MUST make an appointment and you MUST arrive at your appointment time! For everyone’s safety, we cannot serve unless you have an appointment and come at your appointment time. This allows us to maintain a safe number of people and safe distancing.
Call Monday-Friday between 9am and 1pm or between 2pm and 4pm for an appointment.
If you are ill, please send someone who is well to pick up your food–tell us that when you make your appointment.

Appointment hours are Tuesday 8:30am – 11:15am,
Tuesday & Thursday 5:45pm – 7:15pm,
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am-12:45pm
Just call (703) 777-5911

Mondays from 1-2:30pm at Sterling Community Center.
Please call for an appointment! You must have an appointment and arrive at your appointment time to be served. This is a safety measure, as it allows us to maintain a safe number of people and  safe distancing.
The Mobile Market will NOT operate if LCPS has a weather closure
or on Federal holidays.
The Mobile Market project is funded in part by Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant funds administered by the Loudoun County Department of Family Services.

We will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday on Saturday, May 23 and Monday, May 25. The Mobile Market will NOT operate on Memorial Day.

When you visit, we supply enough food to prepare three nutritionally-balanced meals for three days for every member of your family. Our staff can help you with special dietary requirements and can also help you determine if you qualify for USDA assistance.

Donate Food

It is critical that LHR receive food as donations. There are many ways to help us: food drive, grocery cards, fresh food.
Learn More!

Donate Your Time

Volunteers make LHR the organization it is. Spend time helping those in need and you’ll be proud of your contribution.
Donate Your Time!

Donate Money

More and more, we are able to supplement your food contributions by buying healthy food, like milk and proteins, thanks to your monetary contributions.
Donate Now!


We serve each family up to two times a month.

Traductores de español están disponibles para ayudarle.

Food is packed for you – clients do not ‘shop’ off the shelves.

Bakery items are always available and can be picked up
in our lobby during regular distribution hours.


Nearly half of the people that Loudoun Hunger Relief helps are children. They deserve sufficient, nutritious food.

Senior Citizens

Loudoun County’s economic environment is challenging for those living on fixed incomes. Prescription costs often force the elderly to choose between paying for health care or buying food.

The Working Poor

68% of our adult clients are employed at least part-time. The escalating costs of housing, health care, food, transportation, and utilities are squeezing more and more families.

The Ill or Disabled

Illness or injury can impact a family’s ability to purchase food. Loudoun Hunger Relief enables these families to provide care to their family members as they recover.


We provide emergency food assistance to families and individuals living without permanent, stable shelter in our county.

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